Accounts Receivable Services

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our trusted accounts receivable services, delivering reliability and accuracy for seamless financial management. Count on us to elevate your business with dependable solutions you can rely on.

Accurate and Timely Accounts Receivable Services

Pharmbills specializes in providing highly accurate accounts receivable services to healthcare providers throughout the US.

End-to-end Invoice Processing

From receiving to coding to issuing vendor payments, we make sure payments are paid accurately and on time.

Client and Vendor Communication

Our highly-responsive team steps in as the primary point of contact for all clients and vendors, providing them with clear, professional, and timely communication along the way.

Statements and Reports

We go above and beyond to ensure that all invoices, purchase orders, statements, and all other relevant reports are organized, accurate, and prepared right when you need them.

Checks and Balances

Missing payments or duplicate payments? No problem. We are master detectors to find missing, duplicate, or inaccurate payments and correct them on the spot.

Real-time Record-keeping

As companies grow and scale, so does their paperwork. Our team is equipped to handle a high volume of paperwork, ensuring every detail is accurate and accounted for, keeping your costs low.

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Account Receivable Services Benefits

Quality Team

Our team is comprised of experienced, educated, and quality medical billing and coders.

Five-star Leadership

Our five-star leadership teams are equipped to work at scale and ensure high team member retention.

Up-to-date Software

Our industry software is highly responsive, performant, and robust, ensuring speed and reliability.

Smooth and Seamless Onboarding

Our onboarding team of experienced billers work with you to ensure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible.

Why Outstaff Accounts Receivable Services with Pharmbills?

Flat rate per hour


Start-Up Desk Fee

No Overhead


No Additional

or Hidden Fees

90 days satisfaction guarantee

Pro management team for no cost

Pharmbills specializes in working With

Industries we serve

Medical billing & RCM companies

Boost efficiency for medical billing and RCM companies. Access a dedicated team of experts to handle insurance verification, streamline processes, and expedite approvals. Focus on core operations while maximizing revenue.

Long-term care facilities

Outsourcing Prior Authorization Services for long-term care facilities provides valuable assistance, optimizing revenue and simplifying the authorization process. By entrusting skilled professionals with these tasks, facilities can prioritize delivering exceptional care.

LTC Pharmacies

Outsourcing prior authorization services for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies offers a way to optimize operations, increase productivity, and enhance patient services. By delegating prior authorizations to a dedicated team, LTC pharmacies can save valuable time and resources, enabling them to prioritize delivering high-quality healthcare.

Healthcare providers

Outstaffing is a viable option for healthcare providers seeking to outsource their prior authorization services. It can provide a cost-effective solution, improved processes, and access to a dedicated team of professionals. This allows providers to concentrate on patient care, while minimizing administrative tasks.

Property management

Property management companies can enhance their operations by leveraging outstaffing for prior authorization services. This strategic approach allows them to outsource authorization tasks to experienced professionals, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings. By entrusting specialized expertise to external teams, property management companies can streamline processes and focus on their core business activities.

Insurance companies

Outstaffing services for insurance companies specializing in prior authorization bring a cost-effective solution to expedite and streamline the approval process. Benefit from enhanced operational efficiency and reduced administrative burdens through expert assistance.

Collection agencies

Improve their debt recovery efforts with outstaffing prior authorization services, ensuring faster approvals for medical treatments and maximizing reimbursement opportunities.

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Clients Testimonials


Chief Operations Officer

We had a problem sourcing and retaining professional, skilled remote talent. Then we started working with Pharmbills and were extremely pleased that they delivered what they promised: smart, motivated people. As a result of having dedicated Pharmbills ​teams that mesh well with our culture, we’ve been able to markedly improve our collection rates. In just a couple of years, we’ve added a significant number of new team members. When we need to grow, Pharmbills gets the job done quickly and successfully

T. Dershowitz

Senior Controller

It’s always great when you can partner with a service provider who shares your values for top quality work and excellent customer service. In the 2 years we’ve been working with Pharmbills, we’ve expanded our remote workforce by about 6 times what it was when we started. Having such excellent customer service support makes it seamless and incredibly valuable when we need to handle changes and general development. It’s almost like our Pharmbills team works in our building! When we need to grow, they are always ready and we never miss a beat.

M. Lax

Revenue Cycle Manager

One of our biggest challenges was being able to scale rapidly and train new accounts receivables offsite workers to support rapid growth. Pharmbills has done a terrific job solving these issues and are great people to work with.

Courtney Potten

Senior Accounts Receivable Supervisor

After a month of training on insurance, Pharmbills now excellently handles the assigned tasks without the need for supervision. They select knowledgeable staff to be onboarded, making the process easier for the client. Their hard work and exceptional skills make them reliable partners.

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