Our Mission

We empower clients' business growth with exceptional teams who have a passion for excellence in everything they do.

Happy clients are
key to success

Pharmbills' remote workforce solutions have revolutionized an industry challenged by English language barriers, lack of customized client training, poor customer service, high pricing, and workforce turnover.

Founded in 2018, Pharmbills started out in the healthcare industry, a core area of expertise. Now, the company is expanding its unparalleled workforce solutions to other US sectors such as real estate and insurance.

Pharmbills has enjoyed double-digit growth each year since its inception, as clients experience vast improvements in their work efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the uncompromising standards of Pharmbills' high-performance teams.

Pharmbills has redefined the remote workforce industry by providing US companies with what they need - exceptional people. People whose excellence is second to none. People who help US companies grow, increase productivity, lower costs, and maintain the highest level of professionalism.

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