Our mission

We hire and train Ukrainian talent in the nuances of the American Long term care system through our unique intensive fellowship program. Upon completion of the paid fellowship which includes hands-on work experience, alumni are qualified to work for American healthcare firms.

Our selection process is competitive and we work exclusively in the Long term care sector, ensuring our talent is the cream of the crop and well-suited for American firms. The hiring process is highly efficient, with full control over the interview process and hiring decisions provided to our partner firms.

Hire Talent

Our process

  • Pre-trained candidates with fluent English skills and working knowledge of American healthcare terms.

  • Transparent pricing structure without overtime pay.

  • Significant savings on payroll without compromising on employee turnover.

  • Clear lines of communication at a fraction of the price of American labor.

  • No hidden fees, no health insurance costs, no additional benefits.

  • Option of training employees in the United States.

  • Scale your company quickly without a time-consuming hiring process.

Managing Talent

Our primary focus is on your ability to train and retain employees hired through our firm. We recognize the limits of raw talent and the essentiality of having the right infrastructure in place. The investment in our offices reflects this commitment, and all of our work spaces are equipped with cutting edge technology and communications featuring:

  • Dual Fiber-optic internet connection
  • Two dedicated lines of electricity¬†
  • Generator
  • Network security
  • On location security
  • Dedicated team space
Hire Talent