Some of our programs involve travel to the United States.

Typically jobs are on the EST time schedule in sync with American firms.

No, since your schedule will be in sync with holidays in the United States.

Absolutely! Everything we do is fully transparent and on the books.

Your basic agreement will detail your salary, working hours, and corporate ethics.

All positions require your attendance in our office.

Jobs require working with data sheets, invoices, and sometimes with medical information. You will be in regular communication with different partners via email and telephone.  

We pay a competitive price, the amount of changes from a position to a position, more information you can discuss with our recruiters

No. These are competitive positions which require clear communication in English, computer skills, and healthcare knowledge.

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for healthcare services. A billing representative maintains customer databases, issues bills, and handles communications related to billing matters.

Account receivables employees work with consumers and insurance representatives to resolve their balances in a fair and timely manner. Basic duties involve working with payments and invoices, updating data, and internal systems maintenance. Clear written and verbal business communication is essential, as you will be maintaining ongoing relationships with customers.

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