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Tech Support
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Our Process

Once you sign on with Pharmbills, your Client Service Manager will connect with your designated business contact to develop a winning team. Our in-depth 5 step process ensures a successful training and onboarding process.

  1. 1.
    Sign On With Us

    Together, we will create an action plan and timeline to identify your business goals, source your team, and define success.

  2. 2.
    Select Your Customized Team

    Our talent pipeline ensures a quick selection and seamless mobilization of your team.

  3. 3.
    Managing IT Infrastructure

    Pharmbills’ team will work with your IT team to integrate communication systems and infrastructure.

  4. 4.
    Training Your Team

    Our accelerated onboarding and training process provides an unparalleled level of customization and seamless integration into your organization.

  5. 5.
    Monitoring Performance

    Your client service manager will establish the right cadence of touch points to continually monitor work performance, ensuring your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.


Why is your Ukraine sourced talent pool superior to other labor pools?
  • English speakers
  • Highly educated. 62% have college or master’s degrees.
  • Rigorously trained for your business
  • Precisely sourced for core business competencies
  • Ready to support your company’s growth
  • Service focus
  • Low turnover
  • Emphasis on cultural fit
How soon can you gear up to provide office support?

Approximately 2 weeks.

Can we have a dedicated talent team that stays with our company over several years or more?

Absolutely. Most all teams stay in place as long as our clients need them.

How long does it take to recruit people for our project?

We are constantly recruiting talented workers who are in our pipeline to contact when needed.

Do you source labor from other clients?

No, we do not. All talent is specifically sourced and vetted for each client’s needs… and not shared between clients.

Do you service clients in other industries outside of healthcare?

Yes we do. For instance, in real estate, retail and food service industries.

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