Client Benefits

Our Exceptional People

Highly educated

English proficient, 62% have college or master’s degrees.

Rigorously trained for your business

Ensures seamless integration into your operations.

Ready to support

We can quickly onboard additional team members to support organic growth.


Our remote workforce is specifically selected for your business.

Concierge Customer Service

Your designated rep ensures prompt and professional attention.

Privacy and Security

HIPAA certified for PHI work and strictly protect our clients’ privacy as it were our own.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our team members are sourced in the Ukraine where there is a large, highly educated talent pool which can be competitively priced.

Traditional costs associated with business growth: office space, employee benefits, turnover and equipment are eliminated.

What Our Clients Say

“One of our biggest challenges was being able to scale rapidly and train new accounts receivables offsite workers to support rapid growth. Pharmbills has done a terrific job solving these issues and are great people to work with.”

M. Lax – Revenue Cycle Manager
Long Term Care Pharmacy Services

“We had a problem sourcing and retaining professional, skilled remote talent. Then we started working with Pharmbills and were extremely pleased that they delivered what they promised: smart, motivated people. As a result of having dedicated Pharmbills ​teams that mesh well with our culture, we’ve been able to markedly improve our collection rates. In just a couple of years, we’ve added a significant number of new team members. When we need to grow, Pharmbills gets the job done quickly and successfully.”

S. Kravetz – Chief Operations Officer
Long Term Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

“It’s always great when you can partner with a service provider who shares your values for top quality work and excellent customer service. In the 2 years we’ve been working with Pharmbills, we’ve expanded our remote workforce by about 6 times what it was when we started. Having such excellent customer service support makes it seamless and incredibly valuable when we need to handle changes and general development. It’s almost like our Pharmbills team works in our building! When we need to grow, they are always ready and we never miss a beat.”

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